TV Show Review: The OA

The OA

Title: The OA

Creators: Zal BatmanglijBrit Marling

Stars: Brit MarlingJason IsaacsScott Wilson

Genre: Drama, Mystery

Season: 1

Rating: 4 stars



Prairie suddenly shows up after seven years being disappeared. She’s in her 20s and back in her hometown. Her vision restored. By the outsiders she is the proof of a miracle, others suggest she is dangerous. What happened to her? That is the big question. One that only Prairie can answer. One she is willing to answer, but only to those she chooses.

“When I say it out loud it all falls apart”

That quote pretty much sums it up. If I would say something more the whole story would be ruined. It’s mysterious, that is the least you can say about it. Three episodes into the show and I still had no clue what this story was about. The good thing was that those episodes gave me the feeling I knew something more, although, I really didn’t. I think that is a strong formula about a good mystery show. Giving little clues, but still not giving anything away and at the same time making sure your viewer stays hungry for the next episode.

Episode 5 of season one, called Paradise, is by far the best episode of the first season. The connection you have with the characters in the show becomes so strong in this episode. I think this episode is what will make viewers stay for the whole journey.

Often The OA is compared to Stranger Things. I get that, because of the huge mystery around it, but apart from that those two shows have a lot of differences. I can’t go to detailed about that because of spoilers. I think that The OA stays in its own way closer to realism than Stranger Things and Stranger Things has a bigger horror vibe compared to The OA.

The OA is a binge-worthy show with some very good mysterious entertainment.


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