Book Review: King’s Cage

King's Cage

Title: King’s Cage (Red Queen #3)

Author: Victoria Aveyard

Genre: YA, Fantasy

Rating: 3.5 stars


Lady. The title never truly applied to me, and never will. “I’m just a well-dressed and tightly leashed lapdog.”

In this third installment, we start where the second book left us questioning what would happen to Mare now that she is captured by Maven. Like the title of the book, Mare finds herself literally and figuratively in the King’s Cage. During her capture, we get to know more about Maven. Who he is and how he thinks. Mare learns to live as the trophy of Maven. Something he wants to keep, but can’t live without. The questions about love rise and get stronger by each day Mare finds herself in the cage of the king.

“I will escape. I will escape. I will escape.”

The first book was love at first sight. The second book compared to the first was a disappointment. Lack of world building and Mare just got so annoying. This third book sort of sails between the first and the second. It isn’t as great as Red Queen, but it got more interesting than Glass Sword. There is more depth to the characters and stronger writing I think. The best thing about this book is the change of point of view. Not only Mare gets a voice, but also two other strong female characters. That is what made King’s Cage better than Glass Sword.

The third book still has the same annoying Mare, but I love all the other characters around her so that’s what makes me stay with these books. And I can’t just look away from a book that has kings and queens and some freaking awesome superpowers. I mean who doesn’t want to shoot lightning from their hands.

Purple sparks web between my fingers and weave into a pulsing ball of destructive light.

To say that the point of view is the only thing that made this book way better than the second isn’t completely true. The way Aveyard shows more about Maven is also amazing, because he is a very complicated character and brings a really interesting touch to the story.

If you’re a fan, you will absolutely love this book. To the ones who gave up after the first or second book… Perhaps you will like this one, because there’s stuff that lacked in the second and King’s Cage serves what you missed.


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