Film Review: Dunkirk


Title: Dunkirk

Director: Christopher Nolan

Stars: Fionn WhiteheadDamien BonnardAneurin Barnard

Genre: ActionDramaHistory

Rating: 5 stars


“The tide’s turning now.”

“How can you tell?”

“The bodies are coming back.”

Allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Empire and France are surrounded and cornered by the German army at the beaches of Dunkirk. Set in World War II, the allied soldiers need to be evacuated before they’re overrun by the German army.

WOW! Just… WOW!

I came short at first describing this film. The film was over and I sat there without words unable to speak. I had the feeling I just lived thru all those horrible moments. Everything bad that ever happened in human history came like a tsunami over me. Because, IT IS THAT INTENSE.

The movie centers on three important events who play an invaluable role during the evacuation. We see a guy in the midst of the evacuation at the beaches of Dunkirk, an old man with his son and a friend of his son who come to help (at sea with their boat) the allied soldiers in the evacuation and a pilot who attempts to fight the German planes who try to strike at Dunkirk beach.

Dunkirk 3

The film is one with little dialogue, which makes this movie more intense. It sucks you into it. The scenes are filmed in a way that you feel like it’s all happening to yourself. You are there. That’s exactly how you will feel when the film starts until it ends.

I can’t stop thinking about how beautiful all the scenes were. All the scenes in the air are stunning! I’d call it perfection. When the enemy strikes, the tension, the fear,… I literally felt like I couldn’t breathe at some moments. It’s all thanks to the filming, and great acting. I honestly can’t stop praising this film. I don’t know if it’s the greatest war film in history, but to me it definitely is.

Dunkirk 4

“Well done lads. Well done.”

“All we did is survive.”

“That’s enough.”

Everyone should see this film. It captures perfectly a great tragedy in our history, something we can never forget. I guarantee this film will be on your mind days after you’ve watch it. I might be thinking about this for weeks.

Christopher Nolan really knows how to make me fall in love with a film. After Inception and Interstellar this is another hit.

One of the best films ever!


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