TV Show Review: The Defenders

The Defenders

Title: The Defenders

Director: Douglas PetrieMarco Ramirez

Stars: Charlie CoxKrysten RitterMike Colter, Finn Jones

Genre: ActionAdventureCrime

Rating: 4 stars


The four superheroes we’ve known for a while now come together to defend New York City against The Hand. Four extraordinary people who are very different, with a different past and a different view of life. Will they be able to defend their city together?

The Defenders 2

I have been anticipating this for a long time and man was it satisfying to watch.

Since the first season of Daredevil I grew fund of this different take on Marvel heroes. I love the depth these characters have and the darkness surrounding their lives. The Defenders compared to the origins series is more light-hearted and has a kind of humour more compared to the movies. That is always my little point of critic lately on Marvel. I love that they take things serious and that’s why I loved the Netflix series of Marvel, but in the movies there’s a lot humour involved and lots of jokes about all the battles and damage they do. I love it but I’m scared at the same that there will come a time that they’re going to take it too far.

BUT I’m willing to ignore all of that because I enjoyed watching this show SO MUCH. I and many others waited so long for them to come together and I think the creators did a pretty good job doing that. The theme song is awesome. It makes you feel like something big is about to happen. I have to give credits to the filming crew, because they really pay attention to detail and camera technique. I’m not the grand specialist that knows much about it, but you can see that they put detail and hard work into it.

The Defenders 3

The story itself is not difficult. The Hand is finally going to reveal what they have been working on in the shadows for years. There are no big plot twist maybe one or two surprises, but the story itself has all the ingredients to make this a binge worthy show. You can watch this in one day and every episode serves great entertainment.

The Defenders 4

Can I just put out here that I love Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones. She is probably my favourite for many reasons. The thing I love about her, and the others, is that these “heroes” are relatable. They could live in our neighbourhood, they are no gods or people with immense superpowers. That’s what makes these defenders so great and Jessica Jones comes closes to that profile of them all.

Fans of Marvel, fans of good entertainment, go watch this series because you’ll love it!


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