About Me

IMG_20161128_233820Hi! My name is Sven. I’m 22 years old. Based in Belgium. I graduated as social worker.

Books are a passion as are films and TV shows. The magic created in a story is a beautiful thing to create with words. I’m always eager to discover different stories between pages and in the lens of a camera. I’m open for every genre but with books I mostly read YA and fantasy. Feel free to add me on Goodreads. I love meeting new people with the same or different interests.

Why did I make this blog? I’m always filled with thoughts that I just need to put out there, somewhere. So I decided to make a blog about reviewing books, films and also TV shows. But mainly this will be about books and films.

So, welcome to the ReviewKingdom. A place where thoughts come to life. I see all these reviews as different parts of the kingdom that I’ll create here. Houses filled with thoughts, roads that go in different directions, and all these houses and roads are a map of the kingdom.

Welcome and hopefully you will become a citizen of my kingdom. Tourists who would like to wander through the kingdom once in a while are always welcome. The reviewkingdom is a place for everyone.